Rodan + Fields

Non food related post but just as exciting as nailing the perfect Brazo de Mercedes!!! I am excited to announce on the photo or menu to learn more!!!

Vegan Molé

If you are following me on Instagram, chances are you've noticed that I have been making a bunch of vegan dishes and sausages (made from pork, definitely not vegan - LOL). It seems like a bit of a contradiction, but it comes with the job. Working at the local organic and health store, we offer... Continue Reading →

Experiments: Cornmeal Macarons

In my quest to make nut-free macarons, I found a recipe that uses cornmeal instead of ground almonds! And after two more failed attempts -- they where really bad, at the white chocolate macarons I decided to give the cornmeal macarons a go. I used masa harina for my cornmeal, I found it was very close... Continue Reading →

Eats More Fun In The Philippines!

After 5 long years of going everywhere else but, I finally went home.  And what is home without family, friends and food? Absolutely nothing. To say that I ate like there is no tomorrow is an understatement. It was all I thought about. I planned my days on my meals and what I want to... Continue Reading →

Drive Victoria.

  I love mini cities. You know those cities which are almost as quaint as Cape Cod but it's not dizzyingly huge like New York City or Manila. I love them. I love how everything is at your fingertips but you can still find a place tucked somewhere for some peace and quiet. And I... Continue Reading →

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